Akola: Heavy rains in six revenue circles; Rivers flooded with heavy rain leader

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Akola, Leading News Service : The district received an average of 37.9 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours. Some roads have been closed due to flooding of rivers. One person has been washed away in the flood and search operation is on. District disaster management system and all teams have been equipped for relief work by the administration. Similarly, a team was also requested from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) so that additional manpower would be available if required. Accordingly, a team will arrive in the evening. In the last 24 hours, there was heavy rain in six revenue circles in the district. It is as follows: Telhara (130.3 mm), Malegaon (144.3 mm), Adgaon (176.5 mm), Panchgavan (130.3 mm), Hiwarkhed (149.5) in Telhara taluka and Umra revenue board in Akot taluka also received heavy rainfall (70.50 mm).

Ankit Thakur (age 28), a youth, was swept away after the river flooded at Pathardi in Telhara taluk. The investigation is going on. The Morna river is flooded and the Agar to Ugga road is closed. Akot-Wani Warula-Mundagaon road is closed due to flooding of the drain. Manbda to Bhamberi road is closed due to heavy rains in Telhara taluka, flooding of Vidrupa river and drain. Bramhi Khurd to Shelu Bazar road in Murtijapur taluka is closed due to river flooding. Kamalkhed-Nimba-Dhanora Patekar road is closed due to flooding of Kamalni river. According to information received in the district till this afternoon, 145 houses were partially damaged. It has been raining continuously since night. As soon as the rain stops, the preliminary reports of agriculture and livestock damage will be completed, the district administration said.

Assisting search and rescue team

Raju Dethe of Pathardi and Shri. Two people named Sable were stuck in the field. The district search and rescue team pulled them out safely. Muralidhar Vagh of Adampur in Telhara taluka was trapped in a field due to flooding of a drain. They were pulled out from the flood by the rescue team. Two persons, Abdul Sabir Abdul Rasool and Ghulam Zafar Sheikh Hasan, who were trapped by flood near Bhikund Dam near Balapur city, were safely rescued by the rescue team. Collector Nima Arora, Additional Collector Vishwanath Ghuge, Resident Deputy Collector Sharad Javale are reviewing the situation from time to time. District search and team Mr. Sable, Sunil Kalle, Harihar Nimnade, Vande Mataram Squad from Kurankhed, Sant Gadgebaba Squad from Pinjar and many other staff and volunteers are equipped for relief work.

A call for caution

Due to continuous rain, flood situation has arisen. Work should be planned only after forecasting rain. Do not cross the road if water is flowing over the bridge. Avoid going to places of rivers and streams to see flood water. No one should go into any lake, dam or river for fishing. Do not take selfies in flood areas. The district administration has made such an appeal.

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