Kolhapur: Haze in the dam area, but sporadic rain in the city area leader

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Kolhapur; Leading News Service: Heavy rain is going on in the dam area of ​​the district. In the last 24 hours, there was heavy rain in the area of ​​eight dams till 8 am on Sunday. Due to heavy rain, water has started entering the dam. Due to this, the water storage has started to increase. However, there was sporadic rain throughout the day in the city and surrounding areas.

After the arrival of monsoon in the district, its force subsided in the city and its surroundings on the next day. However, heavy rainfall continued in the western parts of the district, especially in the dam area. Heavy rainfall was reported in 8 out of 15 major dam areas in the last 24 hours till 8 am on Sunday. 80 mm in Radhanagari dam area. 70 mm in Dudhganga area. It rained. Maximum 152 mm in Patgaon dam area, 87 mm in Kumbi area, 83 mm in Kasari area. 72 mm in Kode area. It rained. 90 mm in Ghataprabha dam area. While in Jambare project 66 mm. Rain was recorded. Along with this, rain occurred in the areas of Tulsi (30), Warna (10), Chitri (32), Kadvi (42), Chikotra (30), Jangmahatti (40) and Ambeohal (15).

Water inflow into the dam

Due to the continuous rains in the dam area for two days, water has started inflowing into the dam. Radhanagari and Dudhganga dams have started receiving water. Due to this, the water storage in the dam has started increasing. At eight o’clock on Saturday morning, there was 1.57 TMC water storage in Radhanagari Dam. During the day, 47 MCFT of water came into the dam. Due to this, the water storage of the dam increased to 1.62 TMC at eight o’clock on Sunday morning. There was 1.17 TMC of water in Dudhganga Dam on Saturday morning. During the day, 58 MCFT of water came into the dam. Due to this, the water storage reached 1.23 TMC on Sunday morning.

The district received an average of 19 mm in the last 24 hours till eight o’clock on Sunday morning. Rain was recorded. The highest rainfall is 59 mm in Gaganbawda taluk. That’s it. 41 in Bhudargarh, 39 in Radhanagari, 33 in Ajria, 28 in Shahuwadi, 27 in Chandgarh, 11 in Panhala, 10 in Gadhinglaj, 8.1 in Karveer, 5.5 in Shirol and 3.6 mm in Hatkanangal. It rained.

Monsoon came on the same day in Delhi-Mumbai after 62 years..

So far, two sums have coincided that the monsoon has entered the country’s capital New Delhi and Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, on the same day. On June 25, 2023, monsoon entered Mumbai and Delhi on the same day. Earlier on June 21, 1961, he entered both these cities on the same day. This yoga coincided after 62 years.

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