Movement in Karad in the wake of tension in Kolhapur leader

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Karad; Leading News Service: In the background of the tension created in Kolhapur, police security was increased in Karad town from Wednesday (7th) morning itself. Meanwhile, around eight o’clock in the night, the police conducted a drive through the city in the presence of Superintendent of Police Sameer Sheikh.

An angry outcry erupted in the city of Kolhapur after posting a status in support of Aurangzeb in Kolhapur and the status went viral on social media. There was a lot of tension in the city of Kolhapur on Tuesday (6th) morning. Meanwhile, there was an appeal not to call Kolhapur Bandh. Still, tension arose as a large crowd gathered in Kolhapur. Due to this, the police tried to disperse the mob by baton charging.

Against this background, the police took precautions to prevent the tension in Kolhapur from getting into loan karad. DYSP Amol Thakur, DYSP BR Patil had increased security in important places of the city since Tuesday (6th) morning. Around eight o’clock in the night, in the presence of Superintendent of Police Sameer Shaikh, the movement was carried out from Karad city.

At this time, Sameer Shaikh was the foremost participant in the movement. DySP Amol Thakur, DySP B. R. Patil, Police Inspector Anandrao Khobare, Saponi Sarojini Patil along with officers and staff of Karad City and Taluka Police Station along with police jeeps and vans participated. Police movement started from Dutt Chowk. The procession was conducted through the main market with police jeeps sounding their sirens.

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