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Pimpri: As there is no sewage treatment plant (STP) in Tathwade area, the sewage is being discharged directly into the river. Due to this, water pollution is occurring on a large scale. Instead of 10 MLD, a sewage treatment plant of 20 MLD capacity is being set up there to prevent pollution. Its cost has gone from 30 crores to 48 crores.

Water pollution due to discharge of water into the river

Tathwade is a densely populated area. Various housing projects as well as other residential areas are developing rapidly in this area. As there is no sewage treatment plant in that area, sewage is being discharged directly into the river bed. Due to this, water pollution has been occurring on a large scale for many years. However, it is a shocking picture that the municipality is not getting time to set up the purification center.

The municipality has placed a reservation in the DP for constructing a center at Tathwade Survey No. 19 Yethakshil Reservation No. 6. That place belongs to the animal husbandry department of the state government. Since 2009, the municipality has been pursuing to take over that place. The state government has approved the transfer of the site to the municipality on 27 Feb-Uwari 2023. The center requires 0.7 hectares of land.

Administrative approval for additional expenditure of Rs.48 crores

It was planned to set up a 10 MLD capacity treatment plant at that place. However, keeping in mind the growing population of that area, it has been decided to construct a center with a capacity of 20 MLD. A consulting agency has been appointed for that work. According to the report of the agency, the expenditure for the center is expected to be 48 crores. In the budget of the year 2023-24, an expenditure of Rs.30 crores has been approved and a provision of Rs.1 lakh has been made for this work.

Now, the cost of this center has increased by 18 crores. A proposal for administrative approval of the additional expenditure of 48 crores was placed before the General Assembly by the Drainage Department. It has been approved by Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh. This has paved the way for setting up a treatment plant with increased cost.

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