Aditya Yadav
Aditya Yadav

The singer shares his story and talks about following your passion and doing what you love

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Singer Aditya Yadav speaks of his story of becoming a successful singer. To him, it was always about pursuing his passion. At the young age of 17, while in Mumbai meeting various music directors, he met A R Rahman who asked him to hone his talent, and develop on the originality of his voice. “You learn at your roots, you learn from the people who have seen your journey,” he had told him.

When he felt he was ready to go back, he went to Mumbai in 2012. He had said to himself that he wouldn’t struggle but that didn’t happen. “If I have to struggle with what I love, I’m in the wrong profession probably.”. He got his break after two years. Later, when he went to a reality show, he realised he had to work harder on his music. He went places, took classes, recorded, taught himself.

“If you get a small nudge in a direction and if you’re sure about the way, and you’re happy about it, you don’t need anything that can stop you.”

He encourages his audience and everyone to do what they love, “It’s not only with music, it’s with any line of work you want to choose. It could be an engineer. It has to come from your passion, it has to come from something you love. It has to come from something you would do even if you do end up becoming somebody else, something else.”

He also speaks of making independent music to express himself, “It is not commercial music, it is just independent expression, it is my expression. And my expression can only happen, my expression will only cut through if I’m making it to express, not to impress.”


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