Abrahim Javed suffers huge defeat in Texas election marred by hate, divisions

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Asian-American Abrahim Javed’s effort to become Commissioner for Fort Bend County, Texas, has suffered a shocking defeat amid allegations of serious corruption, past convictions and violation of electoral rules.

Abrahim Javed received 3530 votes at 28% while his rival wing candidate Taral Patel secured 6426 votes at a whopping 51 %.

This was no ordinary election because the tranquil neighbourhoods of Fort Bend County were thrust into the spotlight by the enigmatic emergence of Abrahim Tahir Javed, born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, who was running to become the Commissioner for Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, Texas. He is the son of Muhammad Tahir Javed, the Texas businessman who was last year sacked by Pakistan’s prime minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar from the position of Overseas Investment Advisor after Javed’s previous fraud convictions in the United States came to the surface.
Abrahim Javed’s bid for commissioner sparked a fervent debate with allegations ranging from residency violations to potential legal repercussions. Abrahim Javed was accused of attempting to garner support along sectarian lines, pitting Pakistani voters against Indian voters.
Observers said that the Texas Ethics Commission’s decision to investigate Abrahim Tahir Javed for accepting unauthorised campaign contributions and for failing to file a campaign treasure appointment in violation of the election rules played a big role in his defeat. 
The Texas Ethics Commission said, as soon as the election campaign started, that it was investigating Abrahim Tahir Javed under case number SC-32309260 where the candidate was alleged to have failed filing a treasurer appointment in violation of Section 252.001 of the Election Code; and knowingly accepted campaign contributions of authorized campaign expenditures at a time when campaign treasurer appointment was not in effect in violation of Section 253.031.

The story of felonies and fraud begins much earlier with the father of Abrahim Javed, a formerly convicted felon Muhammad Tahir Javed. According to the court records of Texas, Tahir Javed was sentenced to five years of deferred probation for felony theft. He was then sentenced for five years but only served half of that term. Authorities in Texas had prosecuted him for theft and a minimum sentence for felony starts from a year. 

After his theft sentence in 1994, Tahir Javed focussed on business and with help from his brother he progressed and went on to set up several companies. Texas Jefferson County’s District Criminal Court data records Muhammad Tahir Javed’s felony theft as Cause: 56447; offence date: 25 September 1990, Beaumont Tx; filing date: 5 November 1990; offence description, theft by receiving; probation amount: 5; and description: P/G Judge; and Deferred Completed: 28th of March 1994.”

Again, in July 2017, Javed was warned of criminal prosecution, seizure or injunction by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The warning was issued over his Royal Smoke LL, an online purveyor of tobacco and tobacco related products. At the same time, Royal Smoke was subjected to government intervention.

“FDA has determined that Royal Smoke products are misbranded…because you sold these products to persons under 18 years of age,” an FDA warning letter to Javed said. Javed Tahir was additionally cautioned against labelling and advertising outside the scope of the law and barring corrective measures could face criminal prosecution. Tahir Javed describes himself as a Pakistani American entrepreneur, investor, business magnate, and philanthropist on his social media profiles.

In 2018, Muhammad Tahir Javed also announced to run for the Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Position. However, he was also slapped with a Texas Ethics Commission investigation – case SC 32306211, causing him to back out. 

In November last year, PM Kakar’s office announced the appointment notification of the SAPM Mohammad Tahir Javed has been taken back. The notification to appoint Tahir Javed as Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Investment was issued on October 6 but the decision was taken to remove him on intelligence and media reports that Tahir Javed had a previous conviction for theft which he hid and didn’t declare. There was even an attempt to influence the Jefferson County Clerk’s office to provide an unverified and unsubstantiated letter to the Government of Pakistan falsely claiming that Javed did not have any criminal history. However, that attempt failed and Pakistan premier Kakar sacked him. 

Muhammad Tahir Javed had pledged publicly to donate $50000 to former army chief General (rtd) Qamar Javed Bajwa’s fund for the flood victims in 2002 but the cheque bounced as it didn’t have the enough funds for clearance. 
Local political commentator Marcus Gutierrez said Abrahim Javed’s foray into politics was marked by controversies, casting a shadow over the Javed family’s political ambitions.
He said: “Tahir Javed’s history of felony convictions and questionable business ventures raised questions about the family’s suitability for public office. From FDA warnings regarding his tobacco business to failed political endeavours, Tahir Javed’s past actions became intertwined with the aspirations of his son, further muddying the waters of Fort Bend County politics. The controversy surrounding the Javed family culminated in Abrahim Javed’s defeat at the polls, with his divisive campaign strategy failing to resonate with the electorate. Despite his concerted efforts to divide and conquer, Javed secured a mere 29% of the total votes cast, a paltry figure that amounted to a mere fraction of the electorate. His defeat served as a sobering reminder of the importance of inclusive and unifying leadership in the political arena.

“As Fort Bend County reflects on the outcome of the election, it becomes abundantly clear that the path to electoral success lies not in division, but in unity. By embracing the values of inclusivity and diversity, future candidates can hope to build bridges rather than walls, forging a path forward that unites rather than divides.

In the final analysis, the saga of the Javed family serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring politicians, highlighting the pitfalls of divisive rhetoric and sectarian politics in a modern democracy. While their electoral defeat may have been swift and decisive, the lessons learned from their misguided campaign will reverberate for years to come, shaping the future of Fort Bend County’s political landscape for generations to come.

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