World Anticorruption Human rights Council Foundation Founder Dr. N.V.S.Santosh Kumar Vision 2033 to extend services all over India

A journey to words society On social cause by Dr. N V S Santosh. Sec 8 NGOs registered with vision 2033In 2012 Mr. NVS Santosh Kumar started his NGOs Spark and Glow Foundations in Hyderabad by providing HIV awareness and education sports ..etc. in 2016, He registered society in Andhra Pradesh called Nagaralu welfare Society […]

Entrepreneur And Cricket Analyst Baazigar Meena Impresses Everyone With His Accurate Predictions During IPL 2023

Baazigar Meena has been praised by many cricket players. Bringing demonstrated experience and expertise, Baazigar Meena has generated various income streams through different businesses. Now his user’s are eagerly waiting for his match predictions for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. For any successful person, it is imperative to have powerful analytical skills. Those who have mastered […]

Mr. Rakesh Singh Receives London Book of Record Recognition in Kolalampur, Malaysia.

In a momentous achievement that has transcended borders and garnered global acclaim, Mr. Rakesh Singh, a distinguished educationist and the founder of Kids Gurukul school in Varanasi, India, has been honored with the prestigious London Book of World Records certificate. His outstanding contribution to the realm of education comes in the form of an innovative […]