Deepak Singh Azad
Deepak Singh Azad

Meet National Youth Icon Award winner Deepak Singh Azad

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He is an influencer and poet

Let us tell you today about 21 year old Deepak Singh Azad.
The journey from a small village to becoming a well-known poet and being honored with a National Award is very interesting and inspiring.

Yes, today we are talking about Deepak Singh Azad who is the National Youth Icon Award winner.
Today Deepak does not need any identity, he is known all over the country for his poetry.

Deepak is a resident of Nagla Akkha, a small village in Mathura district.Deepak’s journey till now has been full of struggle , he has faced a lot of problems since he was 7 years old.
His father was martyred for the country who was in the Indian Army. Deepak started writing in the memory of his father and wrote for his father, today he is writing for the country and the world and is known across the country and making a mark in the world.There was a time when there was not a single audience to listen his poetry . Today millions of people listen to him every day through social media.

Deepak is called for programs in many states of the country, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai.If we talk about Deepak’s achievements, when he was in class 9, he used to write articles for the national magazine Manavdhikar Samaj Shakti and his articles used to be published.

Deepak was the winner of neo news show named Mai Mathura Hoon in 2018. Awarded by Syndicate Bank for Best Speaker in 2019 ,National Youth Icon Award honored in 2021

Today, millions of people listen to him on social media, listen his poetry, apart from social media, even in his live programs, thousands of people come together to listen to him. Deepak says that whatever he is today is because of his mother, hus mother has done a lot for him, she has struggled a lot, Deepak loves his mother very much and may her blessings always remain like this.

We wish him a bright future and congratulate him that one day his name will fly in the world and he will bring glory to his name and country in the world.

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