“Kalam Samman 2024 Bengal Prestigious Award” Season 1

Kalam Samman 2024 Bengal Prestigious Award was organized by Anjana Foundation at the historical place Indian Association (Bharat Sabha) Auditorium in Kolkata. 40 distinguished scholars of the society were awarded this honour. Among whom there were writers, poets, artists, philanthropists, doctors, actors, actresses, painters, photographers, models and many other dignitaries. Dr. Sukesh Kumar Mondal, a […]

Musical Marvels Unleashed: Sunny Kumar and Dinesh Soi’s ‘Gangster’ on the Heels of ‘Mera Dil Darda’

Experience the magic of Sunny Kumar and Dinesh Soi as they unleash another musical marvel, “Gangster,” following the success of “Mera Dil Darda.” Brace yourselves for an electrifying sequel that promises to captivate hearts and set the charts ablaze. Sunny Kumar’s captivating performance in “Mera Dil Darda” has been hailed by audiences and critics alike, […]

Bhairav Gogoi’s Vision:: Cultivating Wellness through Nature’s Bounty

In the serene landscapes of Golaghat, Assam, Gogoifarms has been making waves in the wellness industry since its inception in 2018. Founded by the visionary Bhairav Gogoi, this company has become a beacon of health, promoting natural remedies through its diverse range of products. Bhairav Gogoi, a 40-year-old entrepreneur from Assam, has been deeply immersed […]

रेडवोप केमिकल्सकी प्रोडकटको बी.एम.सी द्वारा प्रोडकट सप्लायके लिए वेन्डर रजिस्ट्रेशन ऐर्पुव

मुंबई, रेडवोप केमिकल्सकी कोक्रीट एडमिक्षर प्रोडकटको बृहन्मुंबई नगर निगम (बी.एम.सी) द्वारा प्रोडकट सप्लायके लिए वेन्डर रजिस्ट्रेशन को ऐर्पुव किया गया. भारतीय मानक ब्यूरो (बिआईऐस) द्वारा वर्ष २०२१ से २०२३ के दौरान मानकों का अनुपालन करने एवं बिआईऐस प्रमाणन लायसेंस को तहत किए गए उत्पाद की गुणवता बनाए रखने के लिए प्रशस्ति प्रमाण पत्र एनायत किया […]