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Established in 2012, on 1st July, the Performing Artist Society served students in different parts of India. It started with tuitions at home on keyboard lessons at Rajarhat by Pratanu Banerjee. Then the music school began offering lessons at the center in Kolkata. The students came to the centre to learn the keyboard, flute, harmonica, and Spanish guitar. Subsequently, the classes are held online through WhatsApp video calling. The students could get training using Western staff and Indian notation. The music school offered training on contemporary songs along with notation along with classical music training in flute.

Benefits of Joining Performing Artist Society 

The music school is known for promoting new talents. It was founded in 2012. At present, the Performing Artist Society offers training to students online and offline. The institute is involved with training the students systematically and finally, a certificate is given at the end of the course. From Pratanu Banerjee, you can get training in keyboard, harmonica, flute, Spanish guitar, and music therapy. Join us now!

Students from India and Bangladesh at Performing Artist Society

There are different types of music. Performing Artist Society will provide systematic training systematically. The music school has offered training to students from different districts of west Bengal, Kolkata, other states of India, Bangladesh, USA etc. As the music instructor, Pratanu Banerjee offers training in keyboard, harmonica, flute, Spanish guitar, and music therapy. The student gets a certificate at the end of the course.

Best Training Facility at Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development 

With the help of technology, the institute offers online training through WhatsApp video call, zoom, and Google Meet. The classes are offered in offline mode also. There are different courses at present. The school presents students with a chance to explore different courses. Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development presents guidance and training in Reiki courses, English, anthropology, hospital administration etc. The student can get the virtual classrooms along with the audio. The student can get systematic learning. There are normal and crash courses.

History of Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development 

Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development was established in the year 2013. Before this institution, it was run by another name, the Performing Artist Society, which was affiliated under Srijony Bangiya Kala Kendra on 01/07/2012. The institute, IPAMPD, is affiliated under World Art Organization. Pratanu Banerjee was given the affiliation by the World Art Organization on 16. 04.2013. He has been the organiser of  Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development since 16. 04.2013.

Music and Reiki Courses at The Institute Online and Offline

Pratanu Banerjee teaches musical instruments, healing courses, French, English, Anthropology, and Hospital Administration. He provides certificates to the students. You can get a certificate in musical instruments like synthesiser, mouth organ, flute, Spanish guitar and Hawaiian Guitar. Pratanu Banerjee teaches healing courses like reiki, crystal reiki, self-hypnosis, Money Reiki, Angel Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and emotional empowerment.

Best Guidance to Students of All Age Groups Online and Offline 

The Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development is a world-class centre for academic excellence in India located in the city of Kolkata. Founded in 2011, the Institute provides world-class artistic and educational talent development opportunities to students from around the world with a focus on maximizing their potential. The Institute offers programs in acting, singing, dancing, theatre and music, and also provides life-changing guidance in personal and professional development to unleash the potential of individuals. 

Course on Skill Development for Students around The World 

With its emphasis on skill-building and personal growth, the Institute is an ideal environment for talented and ambitious students to reach their goals. The Institute’s website contains more information on its various programs and services, as well as inspiring quotes, educational blogs, and an inspiring message from the Institute’s founder.

Learn from 10 years Experienced Teacher Pratanu Banerjee 

Online and Offline Classes. Offline classes are held at 3B Northern Avenue, Paikpara, Kolkata 700037, West Bengal, India

Admission Procedure & Fees

The admission will take place with a personal interview with the student. This is going to be organized at the center in Kolkata or online. The tuition fees are negotiable.

Infrastructure of The Institute 

The students get online and offline classes. The students get a certificate for the course. There is AC and non-AC classes at the center. You can get lessons through Video and WhatsApp video calling.

Principal’s Message

The institute aims to spread high-quality education in the fields of music, healing, language, anthropology, and hospital administration. The goal is to spread education in all corners of the world through online platforms.

Achievements of Pratanu Banerjee 

2013: Got Certified as an Advanced Crystal Reiki Healer from Reiki Grandmaster Swarup Sarkar.

2013: Got certified as a Reiki Master under the guidance of Reiki Grandmaster Swarup Sarkar.

2007: Completed P. G. Diploma in Hospital Administration at Apollo Hospital/ Medvarsity Online Ltd. Hyderabad.  

Received a Merit Certificate in Science Communication and Media Practice at Indian Science News Association (in Rajabazar Science College).

Learned Stenography and English typing from Sadhana Commercial College.

Learned First Degree REIKI under Ms. Papiya Bagchi and got a certificate.  Then, learnt Second Degree REIKI under Internationally reputed Reiki Grandmaster Mr. Lalit Mohan Puri and received a certificate.

Learnt Performing Art Therapy from Rabindra Bharati University.

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