Meet Mr. Vatsal Desai who is a PR expert and has 8 years of experience in this profession

In order to change the public’s view of an individual or an organization, Public Relations is the activity of organizing and distributing information to the public. Public relations and publicity differ in that PR is controlled internally, whereas publicity is not controlled and is contributed by external parties. So today let’s talk about Public relations […]

Have a great and never forgetting experience with Trekup India for your next trip

Figuring out the needs of the adventure seekers / explorers and offering acceptable vacation suggestions. Arranging all aspects of a trip, including All adventure activities, lodging, transportation, and tickets. Providing relevant information and practical travel/vacation resources to travelers. This is what Trekup India does, arising from a beautiful village lying in the lap of the […]

Leading humanity to wellness

New biotech wellness company Eons, focused on high-quality mushroom ingredients and proprietary delivery mechanisms, launches as the first-in-class functional mushroom supplements brand. Founded by Alex Wolfe, Concordia Summit Ambassador for Mental Health and Wellness, EONS’ mission is to bring high-quality mushrooms into the wellness space. Its mushroom product line, which will kick off with SMART […]

Anayat Ullah Rather  a resident of Chakura Village of district Pulwama  on Tuesday received the Human Rights Nobel Award for his dedicated Nursing and Educator Services to the community.

Anayat Ullah Rather obtained his BSN Degree from Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research with highest Academic merit on Prime Ministers Fellowship in the year 2020 . . He is currently working as Nursing Officer in the Department of health . Self-motivated and highly energetic professional with strong record of success in challenging projects. […]