DREAM ACHIEVED: Chirag Bhardwaj Receives Dada Saheb Phalke Television Best Celebrity Make up Artist of the Year

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Today marks a significant milestone in the illustrious career of chirag Bhardwaj as he proudly accepts the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke television award for Best celebrity make up artist of the Year.

With unwavering determination, relentless hard work, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, chirag has not only realized his dreams but has also left an indelible mark on the make up and entertainment industry. His dedication and perseverance have culminated in this momentous achievement, a testament to his unparalleled talent and creative vision.

He was started him journey as B.A at M.A.C,Bobbi Brown and Dior.
After that he Became a National Trainer at Temptu Airbrush makeup U.S.A brand.

“I am incredibly grateful to be bestowed with this esteemed award,” says Chirag Bhardwaj . “My heartfelt thanks to my friends, family, and all those who have stood by me throughout this incredible journey. Your unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in my success.”

At the age of 32 chirag has already garnered an impressive array of accolades, 12+ experience ,won more than 20 Awards Having trained over 1000 + students who had settled today
and he had done many seminars in different cities
Like, Chennai, Bangalore,Bhilai,Raipur,Bhopal,Ujjain,Nagpur, Latur, Mumbai,Kolkata,Siliguri,Kanpura,Lucknow,Delhi,Patna,Surat,Ahmedabad,Baroda,Pune etc.

he has firmly established himself as a trailblazer in the world of ‘ best make up artist

As the Founder of Colour Master Family Salon who located in Punjab

continues to inspire and empower aspiring talent, shaping the future of the make up industry. His contributions have not only earned him recognition as the Pride of Punjab , but have also garnered him widespread acclaim within the Punjabi community.

As chirag Bhardwaj embarks on the next chapter of his extraordinary journey, he remains steadfast in his commitment to excellence, innovation, and creativity. This prestigious accolade serves as a beacon of inspiration, propelling him towards even greater heights of success in the future.

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