“Actor Prabhat and Neha Malik Set Dubai Ablaze with Buzz about a Sizzling New Party Anthem!”

In a sensational turn of events, rumours are ablaze with whispers that renowned Actor Prabhat and the stunning Neha Malik have joined forces in Dubai for an electrifying collaboration on a brand-new music video. Our exclusive sources have confirmed that the dynamic duo was spotted in the heart of Dubai, sparking immense curiosity about the […]

At Just 23, Ira Revankar Is Taking the Indian Entertainment Industry by Storm

At just 23 years old, Ira Revankar has already made a significant impact in the Indian entertainment industry. With her captivating beauty, remarkable talent, and charismatic presence, she has become a prominent figure in both the fashion and acting realms. Standing tall at an impressive height, Ira Revankar has graced numerous fashion runways as the […]

Actor Prabhat Kumar: Crafting Narratives from Construction to Stage

Amidst the epicenter of Noida, Prabhat Kumar resides, a persona whose journey ventured from the realm of construction to the expansive expanse of artistic endeavor. This trajectory, intricate and diversified, traversed from Vaishali, Bihar, his natal soil, to the vibrant tapestry of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Prabhat’s narrative unfurls as a mosaic of adaptability, fervor, and […]

Music Producing gave me confidence to be in movies and TV serials: Umesh Kaushik

Music Producer-turned-actor Umesh Kaushik was seen in Bollywood thriller ‘Jimmedari’ and Romantic ‘Ruhani Ishq’. Music Producer-turned-actor Umesh Kaushik, who was seen in Bollywood thriller ‘Jimmedari’ and Romantic ‘Ruhani Ishq, says he neither has any filmy background nor any experience, but music production gave him the confidence to try acting. He is the founding director of […]