Red & White Education: Where IT Skills Meet Opportunity

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Red & White Education, a leading IT training institute in Surat since 2008, bridges the gap between education and opportunity. Founded by Hitesh Desai, the institute prioritizes practical, industry-aligned courses that prepare students for success in the dynamic IT field.

Red & White Education doesn’t just teach; they equip students with the skills employers seek. Their curriculum is meticulously researched and constantly updated to reflect the latest IT trends. With a 100% placement focus, their training programs go beyond theory, providing students with hands-on experience through projects and real-world simulations.

The institute fosters a supportive learning environment. Their multiple training centers boast world-class infrastructure, creating a comfortable space for students to thrive. But Red & White Education understands that learning extends beyond textbooks. They create a fun and engaging atmosphere by incorporating humor into their teaching style. Additionally, company visits, day celebrations, and a strong sense of community provide valuable networking opportunities and build lasting memories.

Red & White Education is dedicated to making quality education accessible. They offer a commendable 25% scholarship program for deserving orphan students, ensuring financial limitations don’t hinder their potential. Their commitment to excellence is further solidified by partnerships with Google ATC and ISO accreditation.

With over 37,500 students trained, 50+ approved courses, and tie-ups with more than 1500 companies, Red & White Education boasts an impressive track record. Their 22+ centers across Surat offer convenient access to a world-class education, making them a leader in Surat’s IT training landscape.

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