Appi Badmash,

Ankita’s looks and Appi’s charisma will together create a smashing hit.

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Appi Badmash is creating quite a buzz these days as he’s set to release a new Indi-pop music video after almost 5 years. What’s most special about this is that he’ll be unveiling his new persona in this video. Appi had been dealing with bipolar disorder for the past 4 years, and he emphasizes the significance of this song for his career as it marks his comeback. Just as his well-wishers played a role in helping him overcome bipolar disorder, he believes that this song will also be a hit, thanks to their support.

While the release date for the song hasn’t been announced yet, it’s going to feature one of India’s top models and anchors,  Ankita Sharma in a Lead Role. Ankita Sharma will be showcasing a unique look and attire in the video, adding glam into it. Ankita said that she is very excited about it. 

The female singer for the song is Jaspreet Kaur (JKAA), a Punjabi singer, and the video is directed by Prince Jadon. The producer for the music video, Jasmindar Kahtri, has revealed that the song will be released on the Audio Blaze channel. 

The producer also mentioned that this song is as important to him as it is to Appi, as it marks his 5th project as a producer. Additionally, the song will not only be released on the Audio Blaze channel but also on 15 TV and FM channels, expanding its reach.


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