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When it comes to making delicious and nutritious plant-based meals, Dry Fruits are your special ingredient. From creamy Almond milk to crunchy Walnut patties, these versatile nuts add flavour, texture, and a nutritional boost to your favourite dishes. Let’s explore the endless possibilities of incorporating dry fruits into your plant-based diet!


  • Almonds As A Milk Alternative

On some days you’re craving a creamy milkshake, but you’re not keen on dairy. Almonds are here for you.

First things first, we need to soak them in water overnight, letting them plump up and soften. Then, blend it with some water. The result? A luscious, creamy almond milk that’s perfect for pouring over your morning cereal or stirring into your hot chocolate.

  • Almonds Breading For Meatless Nuggets

Let’s make some delicious meatless nuggets coated in Almonds. First, grab a small handful of Almonds and coarsely grind them in a food processor, making sure to keep some texture. Then, let’s add a pinch of salt, garlic powder, and a dash of pepper for some extra flavour.

Now, let’s start baking! Dip your veggies into the Almond mixture, making sure they are evenly coated. Pop them on a baking pan and cook until they’re nice and crispy. And there you have it! You’ve made a yummy snack that’s sure to impress even the pickiest eaters. Enjoy!


  • Cashews As A Cream Alternative

Toss soaked Cashews into a blender with a splash of water and hit that blend button. Keep blending until you’ve got a smooth and velvety Cashew Cream that’s ready to elevate any dish.

Now that you’ve got your Cashew Cream all sorted, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. You can pour it over pasta for a decadent Alfredo Sauce or stir it into Broccoli soups for a creamy texture.


  • Walnuts As A Meat Alternative In Vegan Burger

If you’re vegetarian, you might be missing out on the joy of having a juicy burger. You can enjoy a delicious burger, even without any meat, by using Walnuts instead. Walnuts have an amazing texture that mimics ground meat, making them a perfect choice for vegan patties.

To make these burgers, all you need to do is finely grind the Walnuts in a food processor. Then, mix them with rolled oats, breadcrumbs, flax seeds (used as a binder), and your favourite seasonings. You can get creative here – add minced garlic and a dash of pepper to make it even more delicious.

Once your burger mixture is ready, it’s time to shape it into patties. Just scoop up a handful of the mixture, roll it into a ball, and then flatten it into a patty shape. Pop them onto a baking sheet, cook until they’re golden and crispy on the outside, and voila – you’ve got yourself some delicious Walnut patties.


  • Crunchy Vegan Pistachios Falafel

To make Crunchy Pistachios Falafel, combine chickpeas, Pistachios, herbs, onion, garlic, spices, breadcrumbs, and olive oil in a food processor. Shape the mixture by hand and fry in olive oil until golden and crispy. Drain excess oil and serve hot with pita bread, hummus, tahini sauce, fresh veggies, and chopped Pistachios.

There you have it – the ultimate guide to using dry fruits in your plant-based diet. With Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, and Pistachios by your side, the possibilities are endless, and your meals will be bursting with flavour and nutrition!

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