March 22, 2023
As a result of his training regimen, HARSHIT SINGH, a fitness fanatic who decided to pursue his passion, has garnered a lot of recognition and attention.

As it started delivering this service two years ago, Titan Crew has garnered recognition from a variety of organisations for its tremendous contribution and influence on individuals of all ages.

Titan Crew Fitness has given a fitness enthusiast who decided to pursue his passion a lot of attention and exposure in his neighbourhood. Harshit Singh recently completed his studies and began working in the fitness business. Titan Crew Fitness is well-known in the fitness industry for providing high-quality services via various social media channels.

Titan Crew Fitness has the potential to be the biggest fitness revolution in history. In addition to serving on the National Physique Committee, he is a contributing member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding. As a result of his ISSA research, he has also written a book for fitness enthusiasts searching for a complete solution that includes training methods and nutrition suggestions for long-term benefits. Harshit received the International Glory Award from renowned Bollywood actor Sonu Sood for “Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2021,” the Golden Glory Award from actress and fashion icon Malaika Arora for “Best Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year 2021,” and the Uttar Pradesh Artist Association’s “Fitness Entrepreneurship 2021” award. In March 2022, he was picked for the International Federation of Body Building’s Thailand second callout.

According to him, the most difficult challenges he faces as a trainer are social prejudices and a lack of understanding. His book, “Fit Pro Secrets,” would serve as a guide for newcomers to the fitness industry.

Harshit is looking to expand his company through franchising after an unbelievable run of success. He is adamant about having the greatest possible impact on society. He intends to seek investors in order to speed up the company’s already underway franchising process.

There are many wonderful gyms out there, he continues, but what distinguishes us is how we assess our clients’ needs before prescribing a long-term diet and activity plan. People like our exclusivity, dynamic surroundings, and energetic vibe.

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