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D VIBES – An Underrated Rapper/Lyricist from Assam, India

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D VIBE$ (pronounced “D Vibes”; stylized as D VIBE$), whose real name Debashis Das, is an Assamese rapper, singer, and songwriter from Assam, India. He is a leading figure in the emo rap music for his lyrical flows, soulful catchy vocals, switches and variations between chorus/hook & verse in his music. D VIBE$, having background talent as Music Producer, Composition, Vocals Engineering. He’s discovering sad emo rap music in Assamese language for wishing to give best songs to the world(language ain’t a barrier in music). His stage name, which he stated represents “Feelings, Energy Felt To Music” was derived from his own vibes.

Early life: D VIBE$, was born on January, 13, 2001, and raised in Darrang’s capital Mangaldai by his parents. He demonstrated an affinity for music at the age of 16, He could memorize songs and felt deep into music. By his first year in college at 16, He started his life into beat making, production, and composing, later in 2 years he becomes more good into sound engineering of vocals, beats by himself. A guy with dream at the age of 16 thinking he would make great music for the people of Assam & World-wide, hip-hop is always his primary genre where he can feel himself truely and he can express music thru way of it. He made continuously beats for 4 years, He put only quality instrumentals on Youtube out of more than 3k beats, he focused on quality production of beats you can feel when you will check his beats in the past, He had done international collabs as giving beats to American Rapper “Kase”, “Staxx”, ” Yak2x” song name is “Night”. He had done many collabs with local artists including Young Ric Later in 2022, He started a new journey towards rapping, lyrics writing, composing, and designing. He took time to uplift/develope his flow, lyrics writing, performance of rapping, random freestyle on multi genre beats, exploring hummings, Ablibs, etc.

Career as Rapper/Lyricist : In 2023, Debashis came with his stage name “D VIBE$” has become the person he wanted to be and developed enough to give industry quality music. Later in August, he signed to Mogno 4ever Records as primary rapper/lyricist for the record label.

First released Song “Tumi” : On the day of July 30, 2023, D VIBE$, released his first ever single “Tumi” – A journey where tumi is misery. This song is melodic with soulful trap drums and a wavy bass around the 808’s and it has a catchy hook with back end bars to fulfill overall gaps on lows. This song expresses love for someone, positive scriptures, situations, energy of lost, reaction to pains, misunderstood. The duration of the song is bit long but it ain’t a barrier in the song. Staring has a catchy intro but when chorus part starts it give something very good vibes and it’s also deep and catchy at first, then verse part starts and it’s again different but in same pitch, again chorus repeted, here’s a different verse comes with variations, then again repeated chorus and at end outro.

Second released Song “Nilanjana” : On the day of September 12, 2023, D VIBE$, released his 2nd single “Nilanjana” – Way to Soul. He made this song for his way to soul, this song starts with soulful intro, melodic sensation, emotion in the vocals, catchy repeated hook with 2 verse, drums played the primary role to give bounce to overall vocals.

Website : http://dvibes4lyf.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dvibes4lyf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dvibes4lyf/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/dvibes4lyf

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/@dvibes4lyf

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