Decotouch Paints Limited has announced the launch of its new Eco-Friendly Brand, Vamicrete.

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Decotouch Paints Limited, a leading name in paints and construction materials across India, has announced the launch of its new eco-friendly brand, Vamicrete. Headquartered in Delhi with manufacturing units in Alwar, Rajasthan, and Katni, Madhya Pradesh, Decotouch Paints leverages its established reputation for quality to introduce Vamicrete’s innovative and sustainable construction solutions.

Vamicrete focuses on minimizing environmental impact in the construction industry. Its flagship product, Readymix Cement Plaster, is an automated plaster product that eliminates the need for external cement and other materials. This translates to significant reductions in construction cost and time, making it a valuable choice for builders and architects. The product’s automated nature ensures consistent quality and minimizes wastage, further contributing to environmental benefits. Vamicrete’s Readymix Cement Plaster has already garnered positive feedback from architects in major Indian metro cities, who appreciate its efficiency and eco-friendliness. Another key offering from Vamicrete is Blockbond Jointing Mortar, an innovative product designed to optimize construction costs and enhance quality. Its superior performance ensures strong and durable bonds between building blocks, leading to a more robust and long-lasting structure. This translates to reduced maintenance needs and a longer lifespan for the building, contributing to sustainable construction practices.

Vamicrete doesn’t stop there. Recognizing the growing demand for high-performance tile adhesives, the brand has launched four distinct tile adhesive products. Each adhesive is formulated to cater to specific tile types and application requirements, ensuring optimal bonding strength and durability. This comprehensive range empowers builders and contractors to select the perfect adhesive for their project, maximizing tile performance and minimizing the risk of failure.

By introducing Vamicrete, Decotouch Paints Limited demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in the construction sector. Vamicrete’s eco-friendly products offer significant advantages to builders, architects, and homeowners alike. Reduced construction costs, improved time efficiency, and superior quality – all achieved with a focus on environmental sustainability – make Vamicrete a compelling choice for building a greener future.

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