Delhi Wellness Leader Shree Dembla Credits Mentors for Success at Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub

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Shree Dembla, the influential founder of Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub, isn’t just a successful entrepreneur; she’s a passionate advocate for the power of mentorship. Her journey, from the boardroom to the healing room, is a testament to the transformative impact of guidance and collaboration.

Dembla readily acknowledges the invaluable role her mentors played in shaping her vision for Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub. Here are some key figures who have been instrumental in her success:

  • Blair Singer: This mentor helped Dembla bridge the gap between purpose and identity. By exploring Dembla’s core values and passions, Singer empowered her to translate her financial expertise into a thriving wellness business focused on personal transformation.
  • Mac Attram: A firm believer in “selling as service,” Attram instilled in Dembla the importance of approaching coaching with a genuine desire to help others. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub, ensuring all programs prioritize the well-being and empowerment of participants.
  • Larry Gilman: Described as a “true prophet” by Dembla, Gilman provided invaluable guidance in unearthing her deepest vulnerabilities. By confronting these challenges, Dembla gained the strength and clarity to share her story with the world, inspiring countless others on their own journeys of self-discovery.
  • Zoltan: This mentor equipped Dembla with the tools to cultivate influence and presence. These skills are crucial for Dembla as she leads workshops, delivers coaching sessions, and builds a thriving community at Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub.
  • Siddharth Rajsekar: Recognized by Dembla as a “digital wizard,” Rajsekar played a pivotal role in amplifying her voice and message. Through his expertise, Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub has reached a wider audience of seekers, fostering a vibrant online community.

Dembla’s story highlights the importance of fostering a strong network of mentors and collaborators. By embracing guidance and learning from diverse perspectives, Shree Dembla’s Angels On Earth Hub has blossomed into a supportive space for individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. This collaborative spirit extends beyond Dembla’s core team. The Hub fosters a sense of community among its participants, creating a space for shared experiences, mutual support, and collective growth.

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