Diksha Rajesh Kanojia Selected for International UNESCO Summit

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May 17, 2024 – In a remarkable achievement, Diksha Rajesh Kanojia has been selected to participate in the upcoming International UNESCO Summit. Her selection comes as a recognition of her outstanding work in the field of data collection for UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Kanojia, a Sr.Sub.Ed based in India, has been instrumental in developing innovative methodologies for the accurate and comprehensive collection of data related to UNESCO heritage sites. Her work has significantly contributed to the preservation and management of these globally important sites, ensuring that their historical and cultural significance is maintained for future generations.

The International UNESCO Summit, which will take place in Paris & Singapore this June brings together leading experts, scholars, and policymakers from around the world. The summit aims to address the challenges facing World Heritage sites and to develop strategies for their conservation and sustainable management.

Kanojia’s selection for the summit is a testament to her expertise and dedication in the field. Her work has involved the use of advanced technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing to monitor and document the conditions of heritage sites. This data has been crucial in identifying areas at risk and in formulating preservation strategies.

In a statement, Kanojia expressed her gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the importance of data in heritage conservation. “Accurate data collection is the backbone of effective heritage site management. It enables us to understand the condition of these sites, track changes over time, and make informed decisions about their preservation,” she said.

UNESCO officials have lauded Kanojia’s contributions, noting that her work exemplifies the innovative and data-driven approach needed to tackle the complex issues facing World Heritage sites. “Diksha Rajesh Kanojia’s work has set a new standard in heritage site data collection. Her methodologies are now being adopted by other researchers and institutions worldwide,” a UNESCO spokesperson remarked.

The selection of Kanojia for the summit highlights the critical role of data in heritage conservation and underscores the need for continued investment in research and technology to protect our global heritage. As she prepares to present her findings and collaborate with other experts at the summit, Kanojia’s work serves as an inspiration for the next generation of heritage scientists and conservationists.

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