Gaddar Divas agitation by NCP at many places in Sangli district leader

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Sangli; Leading News Service: According to the instructions of NCP State President MLA Jayant Patil, today’s day was celebrated as ‘Traitor’s Day’ in the state. On this occasion, a protest was held in Sangli district protesting against the government.
It has been a year since Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s faction betrayed Maharashtra. NCP and Thackeray group celebrated ‘Traitor’s Day’ across the state today to mark the anniversary of Khokeveer.

Through this movement, the message was given that the time has come for the traitors who seized power by doing box politics to step down from power. Meanwhile, NCP has protested on behalf of Sangli city and district against the Shinde-Fadnavis government.

On this occasion, officials and activists said, ‘We will send traitors to Guhati. Get rid of the traitors.. Save Maharashtra..!, Traitors from Maharashtra, will be deported.., Box government will not work. We will show the Ghat of Katraj to the traitors…, Fifty boxes, traitors ‘Not’ OK…, Box government hi hi, traitors have no place here… Protested by making such announcements. On this occasion, Nationalist Sangli City President Sagar Ghodke, Tanaji Gade, Uttam Kamble, Swati Pardhi, Anita Pangam, Vandana Chandanashive, Vaishali Kalke, Jyoti Adate, Chhaya Jadhav, Sameer Kupwade etc. were present.

Celebrating World Traitor Day in Bricks

The NCP and Shiv Sena Thackeray group appealed to the people to push the 40 traitor MLAs from the cliff of votes and sideline them forever. Today (June 20), 40 MLAs of Shiv Sena rejected the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray and accepted the leadership of Eknath Shinde via Surat and Guwahati, breaking away from the Maha Vikas Aghadi in the state. To commemorate that day, Nationalist Congress Party and Shiv Sena Thackeray Group today celebrated ‘World Traitor Day’ with District Working President of NCP Babasaheb Mulik, District Chief of Shiv Sena Sanjay Vibhute, Assembly Constituent Officer Sushant Deokar, Taluka Vice President Sachin Shinde, District General Secretary Sandeep Mulik, Avinash Chothe.

The rulers have complete disregard for the people. Even if it rains for the last five days, wet drought is declared. But there is no rain drop in western Maharashtra during the last month. Even though the month of June has come to an end, sowing has not yet been done. Incidents like murders, beatings, atrocities are taking place every day, the social environment is being completely muddied in the name of righteousness.

The public is angry, as an antidote to it, there is a desperate attempt to show how popular we are by saying some survey. If you are so popular then why are you afraid to take the election? This question has also been asked by the opposition party workers. On this occasion, Santosh Jadhav, president of Nationalist Speaker Cell, also gave a speech. Many activists including Harshvardhan Bagal, Manohar Chavan, Mahesh Phadtare, Vikas Mane, Shah Rukh Pathan were present on this occasion.

Protest against traitorous government in Islampur too

As the traitorous government of the state is completing one year, on behalf of the Nationalist Congress Party, a public protest against the traitorous government was held at Kacheri Chowk in Islampur. At this time, the activists left the area with slogans like 50 boxes, Ekdam OK, Box government hi-hi etc.

Those who made a rickshaw driver the minister of the state, who has not been honest with the party and the leadership, how will they be honest with the people of the state? Those who came to power using the language of Hindutva, what did they do for Hindus in the last one year? NCP taluka president Vijayrao Patil asked at this time.

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