Vikas Prajapat
Vikas Prajapat

Introducing B Town Film producer and Director vikas Prajapat is excited to launch his short and dynamic teaser of Bhagwat Kalyug ki Mahabarat

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B Town
Vikas Prajapat, an Incredibly talented film Director and Producer from the heart of Bollywood, is all set to unveil a Dynamic teaser for his Upcoming Historical Masterpiece, Bagdawat Kalyug KI Mahabharat. With his excellent vision and storytelling prowess, Vikas Prajapat will give an inspiring Cinematic Experience that will transport audience’s to divine era. Sit together for a reveling of the legendary Mahabharat in a contemporary avatar! Stay tuned as the screen are on and a world of divine and war open our eyes.

Let Prajapat’s creative genius sweep you away and immerse you in the depths of this epic narrative. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a remarkable fusion of history and modernity, brilliantly brought to life by the extraordinary team behind Bagdawat Kalyug KI Mahabharat. Prepare to be complete Attention The Team All Set To Launch The Teaser Of Bagdawat KALIYUG KI Mahabharat

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