Jamai sasthi
Jamai sasthi

Jamai sasthi is a prominent celebration in West Bengal

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India is a land of cultural diversification… “Jamai Sasthi” is being celebrated all over WB as a blessing ceremony , mainly for the son in laws, but also for younger ones in the family.

This day is being celebrated among family gatherings with traditional food, rituals, attires, and lots of fun…
As an UN social and cultural ambassador, Mrs. World United Nation, Dr. Pamela Pal Das, endeavoured to capture the glimpses of this traditional festival with super model Mr. Manpreet Singh.
Dr. Pamela is wearing “Jam Kantha Saree” from Meerabai creations” which is a combination of jamdani and kantha stitch from bengal.

Mr. Manpreet’s costume is sponsored by “Elegance”.- (Photo- Suman Das)

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