Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek-Explore the Mount Everest Region Luxuriously

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Do you want to get a luxury experience in the Himalayan mountains? You should try the Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek. As an expert-designed trek, it lets you get every possible luxurious aspect while trekking ahead to the Everest base camp.

Everyone who wants to be part of the trek may get comfortable accommodation in Nepal’s Mount Everest trek region. Simultaneously, trekkers will get a chance to have good quality of Nepalese local dishes while following the classical trail to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Best Time to Visit Nepal for the EBC Trek

If you want to experience the EBC trek in Nepal, especially the Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek, you must visit either during spring or autumn. Here, the Autumn months are between September and December while the Spring months are from March to May. Both seasons are the best seasons for a luxury lodge journey to the Everest base camp. Especially, trekkers who want to hike across high altitudes should consider deluxe lodge accommodations as their best option. 

Requisites to Participate in Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek reaches the highest elevation of about 5,500 meters at Kalapathar. Later, it reachesthe highest overnight elevation of about 5140 meters at Gorekshep for a single night. The entire trail follows a well-planned acclimatization. However, you should be physically and mentally strong enough to walk for 16 days at a high altitude starting from 2,800 meters.

In other words, you will expect to walk for about 6 to 7 hours in a day. Furthermore, you should make sure to carry a small backpack of about 5kgs consisting of certain valuables, like snacks, a camera, and water. Rest the expert guides and well-trained porters will take you to magnificent destinations related to your journey of the Himalayas.

Another aspect to check to experience Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is whether an individual has altitude sickness. While luxury accommodations available during your trek and expedition may give comfort and other amenities, altitude sickness is always a big risk.

If you are not comfortable while traveling to high altitude or have certain breathing problems, you cannot go for the trip. Other people should make sure to prioritize their acclimatization by keeping them well-hydrated. Moreover, make sure to be aware of your certain body’s responses to the varying altitudes.

Trek Sightseeing as Per the Seasons

The suitable time to go for a Luxury Everest Base Camp trek is according to one’s desired experience. The trek follows a popular route in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal to ensure an easily manageable journey as compared to any other high-altitude trek in the country.

You will walk through different landscapes, and find wildlife and cultural heritage to get close views of the entire Mount Everest range. Never miss the beauty of a few famous mountain peaks. Never miss the beauty of a few famous mountain peaks. Like Mount Everest, Mount Cho Oyu, Mount Lhotse, Mount Nuptse, Mount Pumo Ri, Mount Ama Dablam, and others. Other than that, you may get wonderful sightseeing experiences based on the season you choose to perform the trek.

September to November

Experts consider this season as the most favorable one to experience the Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek and related treks in the entire Everest region. Travelers accumulate to explore the revitalizing environment once the monsoon period is over.

During these months, you will also get pleasant weather in low mountain regions. The daytime temperature remains at about 15 degrees Celsius and the nighttime temperature is above freezing. As the autumn season has minimum rainfall with many sunny days, you will get apparent views. The night sky mesmerizes tourists with the display of stars.

March to May

March to May is the spring season in Nepal and during that time, tourists get the warm temperature with the beauty of multiple rhododendrons. Moreover, the spring season causes glaciers or large snow melts in lower elevations.

Particularly, trekkers visiting Nepal in April may get a clear view of the sky with red hues of the hills covered with rhododendrons. During this period, you will get a relatively low daytime temperature with chilly nights.

December to February

The months starting from December to February are the coldest trekking season in the Mount Everest region. Here, you will get chilly daytime with nighttime temperatures usually below the freezing point. A few tea houses are available to offer you warm meals and shelter.

You will also get a few days when the sky becomes apparent as compared to the middle of summer. If this is not enough, rhododendrons bloom during the end of winter months to give stunning sights by covering the hillsides with pink, white, and bright red flowers.

June to August

June marks the commencement of the monsoon season in Nepal. Trekking during the respective season is often avoidable. The southern parts of the Everest region have heavy rainfall resulting in uncomfortable and slippery trails. The entire area gets substantial rainfall between June and August with 800mm in one month.

However, the positive aspect associated with monsoon trekking in Nepal is that travelers may view the vibrant flora there. Hence, greenery across the region flourishes during the monsoon months to add natural beauty to the entire trek. 

Specialties of the Trekking Tour/Trail

  • Opportunity to trek to the worldwide highest Sagarmatha National Park
  • Get a glimpse of the unique culture, primitive lifestyle, and traditions followed by Sherpa and other local area people
  • Visit the oldest and historical monasteries of Buddhist Tengboche in the entire Mount Everest Region
  • Conquering many high-altitude mountains and enjoying the breathtaking views of many falls and glaciers, including the Khumbu glacier
  • Visit Kallaptthar to get panoramic views of a few worldwide high mountains of the Everest Region


Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is a unique luxury trek in the mountain region of Nepal. The expedition lets you have a great time by exploring the scenic beauty of the Himalayan region and the cultural beauty of Nepal. Besides scenery lovers, the trek offers individuals willing to experience adventure with comforts and luxuries.

Accordingly, the trip lets you visit a few stunning mountain landscapes and view the famous Khumbu icefalls, Buddhist monasteries, and other mountain glaciers. Also, you may experience sunsets and sunrises on the snow-capped mountain peaks. Lastly, you will view a huge diversity of flora and fauna during your entire itinerary.

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