Ashna Vohra
Ashna Vohra

Makeup Artist Ashna Vohra’s Journey: From Childhood to Professional Makeup Artist

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The makeup industry has witnessed an immense surge in recent times, with makeup artists emerging as a pivotal component of this trend. These skilled professionals harness their talents to metamorphose individuals’ looks, accentuating their natural beauty. Amidst the vast array of makeup artists who have established their presence in the industry, there is one particularly noteworthy individual who stands out for her extraordinary abilities and imaginative flair. Ashna Vohra has garnered immense recognition for her innovative concepts and impeccable makeup techniques.
Ashna, popularly known as @aashvohra to the Instagram fraternity, has possessed an ardent passion for makeup since her childhood. She used to conduct trials with her mother’s makeup products and relished beautifying herself. As she matured and entered her adolescent years, she discovered that makeup artistry could be pursued as a full-time occupation.
Upon finishing her education, Ashna pursued a professional makeup program at the esteemed London College of Makeup located in Dubai, marking the onset of her career as a makeup artist. Her fervour for the craft is so intense that it doesn’t feel like a job, but rather a form of play. Ashna indulges in experimenting with makeup products on herself, her sister, cousins, and friends. To keep up with the latest developments, she stays abreast of online courses and tutorials created by makeup artists of both international and Indian descent.
Ashna is recognized for her trademark makeup style that comprises brown smokey eyes, nude lips, and a touch of rosy blush. According to her, this particular style is elegant and complements any kind of attire, whether it’s for a daytime event or a night-time affair. When working with clients, Ashna prefers to inquire about the occasion, dress code, and desired appearance. She then collaborates with the client to create a customised makeup look that meets their expectations and fulfils their preferences.
Ashna offers both personal and professional makeup courses at her studio, where she pays meticulous attention to her students’ errors. She takes great care to offer individualised guidance to help her students overcome challenges such as skincare preparation, base application, and eyelash application. Ashna believes that becoming proficient in working with various skin tones and textures requires consistent practice. Due to her extensive experience in the field, Ashna has become adept at working with diverse skin types and textures. She can effortlessly blend different hues of foundation and concealer to achieve the perfect shade for any skin tone.
Although Ashna’s journey as a makeup artist has been largely seamless, she encounters occasional hurdles. Nevertheless, she chooses to approach them with a positive outlook and as opportunities to learn and improve. Ashna places a high value on delivering exceptional service to her clients, which is why she only employs top-tier makeup products. Before using any product on her clients, Ashna meticulously verifies that the manufacturing and expiration dates are valid and up-to-date.
Ashna’s journey as a makeup artist has been a testament to her exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and strong work ethic. Her remarkable ability to create personalised makeup looks that improve her clients’ natural beauty has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a sought-after and reliable makeup artist.


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