Meet Siji Raveendran: A Certified NLP Coach, Life Coach and Emotional intelligence Coach Hypnotherapist

Meet Siji Raveendran: A Certified NLP Coach, Life Coach and Emotional intelligence Coach Hypnotherapist

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There have been many different success stories of people doing extremely well in their respective fields. Developing and mastering the art in one domain/sector was the trend back then, fast forward today you will see umpteen number of spirited individuals flourishing as a complete package and honing their skills and expertise in diverse sectors. We met one such “Jack of all Trades” who has been spiraling his way to the top in many different fields yet excelling in each one of them and exuding sheer talent, brilliance and passion, Siji Raveendran.

Siji Raveendran is a young budding talent hailing from India, who is proving his prowess as an true-blue professional in many different sectors and is an established Transformation mind coach, Life coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence , Motivation Coach , hypnotherapist and Keynote Speaker. Well, this ace wellness professional has already helped her clients to find their potential by knowing their values, beliefs, and potentials to their consciousness and allow them to select the most suitable solution which aligned with their life purpose. She has 8 years of experience in the field of psychology, coaching and training. She conducts regular workshops and one on one sessions for individuals including corporate professionals, Parents,teachers,teenagers and kids. She adds value to her clients by changing the focus from being the best to  doing the best. Her training style today is based on NLP research, life coaching sessions, Emotional intelligence and Motivation coaching that She has had with so many individuals and how she transformed their personal and professional lives. With an objective and vision of driving positive changes in people’s life, Siji Raveendran wanted to add more value through her knowledge and teachings. Having transformed thousands of lives already, she feels a great sense of fulfillment and enlightenment by virtue of the fact that she could help people sort their issues in life. Her coaching, training and consulting methods have been highly instrumental and effective in bringing about a positive outlook in clients life which in turn has spread a great level of joy, bliss, and happiness.

Today her mesmerizing voice and talent is not only appreciated by millions of audiences and listeners but also by her industry peers as well. Do follow her on Instagram @sijiraveendran for more details.

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