Karan Tiwari
Karan Tiwari

Meet the youngest Rashtriya Pratishtha Purushkar Awardee; Karan Tiwari.

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It is said that “age is just a number, the real strength lies in dreams”. This proverb holds entirely true for Karan Tiwari of Sani Kudwa, Siwan district, Bihar. At the age of 22, Karan Tiwari is a young author and professor, demonstrating his exceptional talent from an early age. He authored his first book at the tender age of 15, a rare achievement that is not within everyone’s reach. If your dreams are big, your intentions firm, and you possess a passion for hard work, you can achieve great success and prominence at a young age. Karan Singh is a living embodiment of this.

For Karan, writing was more than just a hobby, it was a necessity that made him more optimistic about his life. In his books, he particularly addresses those issues that our society often overlooks. Moreover, at the age of 15, he established his own NGO, KAT Foundation. Through this NGO, he fulfills his responsibilities towards society.

Karan is not only a writer but also a professor. He has conducted over 80 seminars in prestigious institutions across India for young individuals. Currently residing in Mumbai, Karan has achieved many significant accomplishments and awards at just 22. He was included in the Best Mumbaikar list by the Times of India. Additionally, Amazon featured him on their list of emerging authors. He has worked on several campaigns such as Smokeless, Anti-Rape Campaign, and Education For All.

Several students taught by him have been selected in IIT, NDA, and UPSC CDS. Karan did not just dream but also worked diligently to achieve them, and therefore, he is at this position today.

The story of Karan Tiwari teaches us that one’s capacity should not be estimated based on their age, profession, or social status. If one has talent, true dedication, and the courage to make a difference, then even the most challenging dreams can become a reality.

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