None of us want to join BJP: Satej Patil leader

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Kolhapur, Leader News Service : Those who wanted to join BJP have left in 2014. Now none of us wants to join BJP. In Kolhapur, old BJP leaders have been replaced by new people. It is not known how many more people BJP is going to install. Congress district president A. Satej Patil said while talking to the media on Saturday.

There is talk that some leaders in Kolhapur are on the way to BJP. Reacting to this. Patil said, those who wanted to go have joined BJP. Now none of us will join BJP. In Kolhapur, Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena Thackeray group is working together as Mahavikas Aghadi. It does not seem that anyone will go out of this. We had placed ordinary workers in DPDC. BJP, however, is giving place to the top leaders in DPDC. This shows how much BJP respects ordinary workers. Loyal workers know that the BJP in Kolhapur is under the control of new people. Because of this, is the BJP going to completely sideline the old workers by taking some more people into the party?

BJP is constantly trying to divert people’s attention from inflation and unemployment. The central government is playing pressure politics by holding the hands of the government agencies. This should be opposed by all. All the major opposition parties in the country are coming together to give justice to the common people. This is a good thing. This alliance will remain strong. Patil said.

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