Rahul Dobwal

Rahul Dobwal: A mad music lover and a highly passionate and dynamic music professional.

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With Teasy Digital as the CEO, he successfully runs Teasy Digital Entertainment and Teasy Digital Publishing, creating massive opportunities for young music artists.

Not all those who wander are lost is a specific adage that, over the years, has proved to be true for so many individuals out there. Wandering doesn’t only mean hopping from one industry to the other; it also means jumping into different niches in one industry, with the genuine aim to learn new things every day and gain mastery over all of them to become more proficient and learned professionals. We noticed how Rahul Dobwal did the same as a mad music lover and a highly passionate and dynamic music professional.

He is a growing composer, musician, and artist entrepreneur in an industry that has given birth to many talented beings, such as singers, songwriters, rappers, musicians, and other artists, for years. Making a name for himself in such saturation made Rahul Dobwal understand many things, and that encouraged him to launch Teasy Digital (https://teasydigital.com/), consisting of Teasy Digital Entertainment and Teasy Digital Publishing. He is the CEO of his company, which today has become a premium music supply chain partner that passionately serves labels, artists, publishing houses, and music aggregators.

With the aim to help the music of newcomers and rising music artists reach the world, he has been providing top-notch services through Teasy Digital, which has become a top music company. They work for musicians and artists, helping them have ownership, control, and claim on the work they create and produce through many outstanding services.

Teasy Digital becoming a promising music network across India could become possible because of the tenacity and zealousness of its CEO Rahul Dobwal, who has left no opportunity untouched to raise the bar for other music companies through his exemplary services in the industry.

As a musician and composer (@rahuldobwal), his music is available on streaming sites like Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/4PbF0JkE9GpkAZH6GfCYFc?si=nncLAFWzRRC9adF9Ko3rFA&utm_source=copy-link&nd=1) each of which has also done exceedingly well and have even topped music charts, which has earned him a mammoth of listeners and fans in all these years.

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