March 22, 2023

Singer Reshabh Chhabra was recently spotted at the Ferris Wheel Studios, Gurgaon. The singer uploaded a story after his recording session on Instagram, with a caption, “This one is Wynk Exclusive”. Reshabh, who is also known for his songs Dil Bawara, Tere Vaare, Eid Ho Jaaye etc. has been teasing his collaboration with Wynk Music (Airtel’s music streaming app) on his social media and with this new post he finally announced the word to the public.

Bharti Airtel launched Wynk Studio, a web platform which will help Indian and international artists launch and monetise music on multiple platforms. Spokesperson said, “The music will be made discoverable through recommendations on the Wynk app using neural networks and machine learning algorithms.”

We can expect some international collaborations from the Singer via Wynk Studio in the near future.

You can follow Reshabh’s Social Medias for more updates:

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