Wahialbayan وحي البيان Partners with Al-Bayan Diy Company for Exclusive Quran Distribution

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Wahialbayan Partners with Al-Bayan Diy Company, a leading Saudi Arabian publisher and distributor of Qurans, has announced an exclusive partnership with Wahialbayan, a renowned provider of Islamic products and services. This strategic alliance aims to expand the global reach of both companies and enhance access to the holy Quran for Muslims worldwide.

Under this partnership, Al-Bayan Diy Company will leverage Wahialbayan’s extensive network and distribution channels to reach a wider audience with its diverse range of Quran editions. Wahialbayan, in turn, will benefit from Al-Bayan’s expertise in Quran publishing and printing, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of the holy book.

The collaboration will focus on delivering Quran editions in various languages and formats, catering to the diverse needs of Muslim communities around the world. This includes providing digital Quran resources, Braille Qurans for the visually impaired, and Quran translations in multiple languages.

CEO of Al-Bayan Diy Company, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to join forces with Wahialbayan, a company that shares our commitment to spreading the message of the Quran. This collaboration will enable us to reach more Muslims globally and provide them with access to the holy book in a format that suits their needs.”

Wahialbayan, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We are honored to partner with Al-Bayan Diy Company, a respected name in the Quran publishing industry. Together, we will strive to make the Quran accessible to every Muslim, regardless of their location or background.”

The partnership between Al-Bayan Diy Company and Wahialbayan marks a significant milestone in the global distribution of the Quran. By combining their strengths and resources, the two companies are poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of Muslims worldwide.


Jitendra Kumar

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