World Poetry Day, Nigama Rv — Scripter Of Cryptic Emotions

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Nigama RV, an engineer by profession, is an Indian poet. She has authored 7 books (fiction and nonfiction) so far. She comes from a family of artists, writers and musicians. From a young age, she’s been soul-bound to fantasies and developed a love for literature in any genre. She opines books as images of writer’s imaginations and loves a good HEA (happily ever after).

Her latest poetry book, ‘Echo — Beat of the Heart’ successfully resonates with the readers and warms the cockles of the lovers of Muse.

She swears her husband, Mr Manish Mishra, who himself is an artist is muse for all her poems.

What’s poetry to you in general? 

Poetry is the unique form of creation, of  expression of feelings, emotions, etc, in one’s choice of words, the ellipsis, and so on… and even the periods and exclamation marks make a vast difference and add beauty to the subject and its theme…

In specific, what’s poetry for you?

It’s all about; how I play with the words, sculpt the thoughts and structure the feelings; I believe the poetry for me is the replica of my mood ever changing and swinging.

Do you have any specific framework when writing a poem?

I  love free verse and haikus. And one liners are my all time favourites. 

How do you choose the words for your poem?

I go with  acoustics when choosing the words but at times,  I look for rhyming so it can be hummed  into a song 

Do you hear from your readers? What do they say about your books?

I do. One of my readers said and I quote, “pick this one when your feelings need an anchor” about my poetry book ‘Mist’ and that’s truly the best note anyone has ever made. 

How’s your poetry received and interpreted?

In the words of Dr Shiv Sethi, “Most of the poets are predisposed by other writers but you have an unusual distinctive voice that evokes glimpses of lyrical intensity and deep profundity.” This is the highest acclaim I had from a highly acclaimed literary critic.

Do you come from a literary background?

I am proud to say that I’m the daughter of writer parents. They both are distinctive writers and translators. My father, Mr Ranganatha Ramachandra Rao was recently awarded for his translation work from the renowned Kendra Sahitya Academy, the central institution of the country. That’s how there is the genetic descent which has probably moulded me into an author as well as a poetess.

What made you write ?

Every action or a word has a meaning and a meaning differently and differently depending, definitely upon a perceptual difference (theirs, yours and the truth) and how you perceive is totally another matter, that’s the beauty of writing I perceive.

How do you get inspired?

I’m inspired by everything and anything. Nothing is uninspiring, honestly. One has to have that tendency to get inspired by. Whatever triggers you, becomes your mood; your mood if becomes an expression with a lining becomes a poetry.  

How do you write a poem, can you explain the process of it?

It just starts with a word, something that I might’ve heard or something which might’ve just popped in the mind or something I might’ve read or something the meaning of which for me becomes different and that’s how the dance begins… a word becomes a sentence or a verse, a poem… that’s the poetry my mind composes. Until unless the word transforms into a poetry I remain haunted.

This question is without being questioned was answered in my poem as an answer to myself posing such a question to myself.

Hearing your nuance

I forgot my words, with

Silence, my best friend.

Read me between the lines,

My thoughts in ellipses

And my emotions, in those periods.

Hold me within the cervices of your heart,

Love me, with every heartbeat,

Breathe life into me,

Until I’m a complete story…

Who are your favourite poets?

I love one liners the most and hence the work of Rumi sir is the most enchanting to me. And of course Emily Dickinson, Khalil Gibran, John Keats, etc., they are all very great poets. Adorable.

Why do you write?

I suppose, to give hope for the ones who are lost and I propose that indirectly in my work. There is transparency of juggling feelings which are vividly portrayed to reader who align with it.

Do you have any poetry books coming soon? 

A poetry collection, “Halo – Colors of Aura” third from my Soliloquy series that focuses entirely on emotions and their feelings, and composition of one liners, Reverie.

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