A unique gift of a cow and a bull to the bride! Maximum of a farmer in Pune leader

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Fursungi (Pune); Leading News Service: When the marriage ceremony is called, Kanyadan, Manpanan, and all these things come! These customs and traditions are still firmly rooted in the rural areas. However, breaking all these things, Harpale, a farmer family from Fursungi, has created a different ideal by giving a unique gift of Khillar cow and bull to the girl in marriage, breaking the unnecessary customs!

On the eve of World Milk Day, the marriage of Kalyani, daughter of farmer Ramesh Harpale from Fursungi and Chiranjeev Swapnil, son of Prakash Chaudhary from a farming family from Sortapwadi, was recently solemnized in an auspicious office. Urbanization is increasing rapidly in Fursungi and Sortapwadi villages. But in this situation both the families are doing their traditional farming vigorously.
As both the families are farmers, Kalyani’s father Ramesh Harpale and brother Navnath Harpale decided to give their daughter a unique gift.

For this he got the support of Mama Harishchandra Zende and Gulab Zende from Dive. Recently, the court has allowed the bullock cart race and the demand for bullocks and cows of the Khillar breed has increased. Therefore, it was decided to give a casteist Khillar cow and bull to his highly educated daughter. For that, they were also bought with the help of uncle. During the wedding ceremony, the Varhadi congregation was surprised to see the decorated Khillar cow and calf on the right side of the stage. Hundreds of Varhadi people couldn’t resist the temptation to take a selfie of this cow and bull.

I have a pair of racing bulls. So my sister is also fond of bulls. So instead of ‘Jali’ in this marriage, I have given Bahini a Jativant Khillar cow and bullock.

– Navnath Harpale,
Farmer, Fursungi.

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