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Jamkhed (Ahmednagar); Leading News Service: Everyone is paying attention to who will be the sarpanch of the historic Kharda village in the taluka, will the NCP retain power or will the BJP hand over power. Members of both sides have been on a trip for a week. Therefore, it will become clear on the actual election day itself. On this occasion, power struggle has started again between MLA Rohit Pawar and MLA Ram Shinde.

The election for the post of Sarpanch of Kharda Gram Panchayat will be held on Monday (5th), and the names of Rohini Prakash Golekar from the ruling Nationalist Congress Party and Sanjivani Vaijinath Patil from the opposition group are being discussed for this post. There are 17 members in Gram Panchayat, NCP has 10 members and BJP has 7 members. However, due to some events that happened during the two years, two members of NCP left the ruling body. So, one member of the opposition board joined the ruling board.

NCP’s district organizer Vijaysinh Golekar is the leader of the ruling body. His brother Rohini is a candidate for the post of Sarpanch. Under the guidance of MLA Rohit Pawar, he has claimed to have arranged the required strength for the post of Sarpanch. Meanwhile, BJP’s district vice president Ravindra Suravase has made a strategy under the guidance of MLA Ram Shinde to bring about a change of power in the Gram Panchayat. According to Suravase, both sides have equal strength and one member is neutral. He is still firm on this claim.

The politics of reshuffling the post of Gram Panchayat Sarpanch has put the political skill of the leader of the ruling body Vijay Singh Golekar at stake. Golekar is the district organizer of NCP. However, he failed to retain the ten elected members from his ruling body. With two of their members joining the anti-Kamput, this square has formed.

On the other hand, BJP’s District Vice President Ravindra Suravase won by taking two members of the opposition. However, one of his own members left his side and joined the ruling body. They don’t even know about it. That means there is no confusion even in their opposition circle. Therefore, a picture is being seen that both the leaders are very tired on the occasion of Sarpanch election.

The ruling party has 9 members, the opposition has 8 members

The ruling body has nine members, while the opposition has eight members. Does a miracle happen at the time of the actual election as there is a majority on the edge? It will be clear at the time of the actual election whether the election of the Sarpanch will be by majority vote or the time will come to follow the path of Ishwar chitthi due to the split of members from both sides.

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