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A leap in GDP

New Delhi, Leading News Service: GDP: India’s GDP, known as a strong economy, has reached a historic milestone of 3.75 trillion dollars i.e. 54 trillion dollars. In just nine years, the Indian economy has jumped from the tenth position to the fifth position in the world.

This bleak picture of the Indian economy has come to light through a tweet by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s office.

The Union Finance Ministry has said that the countries ahead of India in terms of economy include America, China, Japan and Germany. The size of the US economy is 26.85 trillion dollars, the size of the Chinese and German economies is 19.37 trillion dollars and 4.30 trillion dollars respectively. Countries below India include Britain ($3.15 trillion), France ($2.92 trillion), Canada ($2.08 trillion), Russia ($1.84 trillion) and Australia ($1.55 trillion).

GDP: Moody’s has also given a big estimate

Meanwhile, Moody’s, a world-renowned rating agency, on Sunday predicted the growth of the Indian economy. India’s economy is expected to grow by 6 to 6.3 percent in the June quarter. Last week, the Reserve Bank had said that the growth rate is expected to be 8 percent. Apart from this, the Credit Policy Committee had estimated the GDP growth rate to be 6.5 percent this financial year. Although the criteria of both institutions are different, they have sealed the good health of the Indian economy.

GDP: India from 10th to fifth in nine years

In 2014, India’s economy was ranked tenth in the world. After that, in just nine years, India has jumped to the fifth position. Finance Ministry has said that India is seen as a shining star in the global economy.

GDP : World’s Top 5 Economies

* America : 26.85 trillion dollars * China :19.37 trillion dollars * Japan : 4.41 trillion dollars * Germany : 4.30 trillion dollars * India : 3.75 trillion dollars

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