Amravati: Tiger attack on three youths in Melghat leader

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Amravati; Leading News Service: A tiger attacked three youths in Melghat Tiger Reserve in the district. The incident of one of these youths being carried away by a tiger in the valley took place on Monday (June 12) morning near the Matakol Conservation Cap in Gugamal Wildlife Division.

A young man from Kara in Melghat Tiger Reserve was attacked by a tiger and dragged into the valley. Youth’s mobile phone, pants, blood splatters are lying on the spot. The name of the youth who was carried away by the tiger is Rajesh Ratiram Kasdekar (age 28). Three laborers from Kara went to the Matakol protection cap area to cut Easter bamboo. Suddenly this morning a tiger attacked them and picked up Rajesh and dragged him to the valley. Bhurelal Kasdekar, Sukhlal Dhande saved their lives by climbing a tree in fear. Rajesh’s blood was lying on the spot. Gugamal Wildlife Division has large gorges. After dragging Rajesh in that valley, his dead body was not found. Incidents of wildlife attacks have been on the rise in recent times. Due to this, the tribals in the forest are scared. On the basis of blood found in the forest, the tiger reserve team is searching for Rajesh’s body. This team is camping in the forest. This is the third incident of tiger attack in the last two to three years. The wild animals have left the government to harass the farmers in the forest. Measures need to be taken by the tiger reserve to prevent these attacks.

The search for the body continues

At present, the search for Rajesh’s body has been started on war footing. The tiger reserve team is camping in the forest.

Girish Jatkar, Forest Range Officer, Harisal (Gugamal Wildlife Division)

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