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New Delhi: By now you must have seen hundreds of stray dogs on the streets. Stray dogs have no guardians. So they have no one to take care of them after they get sick or injured. Keeping this in mind, dog lover Dr. Navneet Kaur founded ‘Animal Welfare and Care Society’ (AWCS). With his initiative now two stray dogs
(street dogs) are going directly to Canada.

Two dogs that sometimes stray on the streets of Amritsar are going to travel in business class and reach Canada, this is special! Dr. Navneet himself lives in America; But he has a great affinity for India and Amritsar. In 2020, when there was a worldwide lockdown, he founded AWCS.

In Amritsar, Sukhwinder Singh Jolly took charge of this organization and continued the work of the organization. Due to the efforts of this organization, many stray dogs are getting their rightful shelter. Dr. Navneet will soon be taking two female dogs named Lily and Daisy to Canada. Because, a Canadian woman named B—anda has adopted Lily and Daisy. The documents regarding this have been completed and both the female dogs will go to Canada from Delhi on 15th July.

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