Action against accomplices including Bhondu Maulana Kiledar in Gadhinglaj: Annis demand | leader

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Gadhinglaj: Leading News Service: A case has been registered against Maulana Javed Killedar, a sorcerer from Gadhinglaj, in connection with an act of indecency with a woman in Ichalkaranji. Maulana Javed along with his accomplices are harassing and defrauding the people of Gadhinglaj city and surrounding areas financially, mentally and physically. Therefore, the Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee and progressive organizations have demanded that strict action be taken against them under the Anti-Witchcraft Act. Gadhinglaj police have given a statement in this regard.

The statement said that the woman from Ichalkaranji was physically and mentally tortured by telling her that she had a ghost in her body. At the same time, he was cheated of 61 tolas of gold and 10 lakhs. Maher’s family of the married woman was severely harassed. Apart from this, he demanded 40 tola gold and Fortuner car and threatened. In this case, the victim woman was brought to Maulana Javed Kiledar, a sorcerer in Gadhinglaj, where the act of rape was committed. On the advice of Maulana Kiledar, the victim has tried to end her life after getting tired of the harassment by her in-laws. Mantrik Javed and his accomplices are also responsible for this. Immediate action should be taken against them. On this statement Prof. Prakash Bhoite, p. L. Karambalkar, N. L. Kamble, Prof. Ashpak Makandar, Balasaheb Mulla, Prof. P. D. Patil, Ishwar Dawane, Tanaji Patil, Mahaveer Marje, Prof. Signed by Anita Patil, etc.

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People are being cheated financially by many fake magicians in Gadhinglaj city area. Mental and physical torture is being done. The statement also said that they should be investigated and strict action should be taken against all of them under the Anti-witchcraft Act.

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