Kolhapur News : In Shahuwadi, the focus of ‘Krishi’ is on the in-charge; Demand to fill 23 Vacancies | leader

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Subhash Patil : Vishalgarh

: In an agriculturally dominated country, there is a shortage of manpower in the state’s agriculture department, which is responsible for imparting information and technology in the field of agriculture to the farmers. As a result, the condition of agriculture and agriculture department has become miserable. In Shahuwadi, the focus of ‘Agriculture’ is on the in-charge and 23 out of 47 approved vacancies have been taken over by the Agriculture Department. The state of agricultural technology is not at a tipping point as 19 of the 36 sanctioned posts of agricultural assistants are vacant. (Kolhapur News) is expressing regret from the farmers that they have become miserable, not even for their stomachs.

Our country is predominantly agricultural and 65 percent of people are engaged in agriculture. In order to inform farmers about government schemes and modern technology, the government created Taluka Agricultural Officer Office, Agricultural Office under Panchayat Samiti at the taluka location. However, as 23 out of 47 posts are vacant, there is an adverse effect on agricultural schemes in Shahuwadi taluka. The office of Taluka Krishi Adhikari is considered important for the welfare of farmers. The post has been lying vacant for a month as Taluka Agriculture Officer Abhijit Dhede has been transferred to Solapur. Abhijit Gade, who is working in Hatkanangale, has the additional charge of the taluk. The government’s complete neglect of post recruitment has created a danger that various services in the office of Taluka Krishi Adhikari will remain on paper. These indifferent policies of the government have made it difficult for farmers to get proper guidance. On the other hand, additional workload has increased on the employees on duty (Kolhapur News).

The Taluka Agriculture Officer’s office provides information on how to benefit from central and state government agricultural schemes, know about modern agricultural technology, and how to produce more at less cost. The said office comes under the Agriculture Department of the State Government. It is necessary to provide adequate manpower for the proper functioning of this office. However, Shahuwadi Taluka Krishi Adhikari office has been an exception for now. As total 23 posts like Taluka Agricultural Officer (1), Mandal Agricultural Officer (2), Agricultural Officer (1), Agricultural Assistant (19) are vacant in the office, difficulties have arisen to avail various schemes of the State and Central Government.

Kolhapur News : Posts vacant for last many years

Despite these posts being vacant for the past many years, the district administration as well as the people’s representatives ignored it. Many farmers have now turned to modernity, avoiding traditional crops. Such farmers need urgent guidance from agricultural experts. However, administrative dynamism appears to have stalled due to vacancies. In case of heavy rains during monsoon, crops may be washed away, land may be eroded, landslides may occur. In that case, will Panchnama be completed in due time? Will the disadvantaged farmers get compensation? One or more such questions are bothering the farmers. There is a demand that employees should be recruited after sanctioning vacant posts and farmers should be given relief.

Government has come up with various welfare schemes for farmers. Vacancies have put additional workload on the duty staff. Filling up of vacant posts in future will help in better implementation of agriculture schemes.

– Abhijit Gade, Additional Taluk Agriculture Officer

The sanctioned and vacant posts in the taluka are as follows:

Post sanctioned vacancy
Taluka Agriculture Officer 1 1
Mandal Agriculture Officer 3 2
Agriculture Officer 1 1
Agricultural Supervisor 6 0
Agriculture Assistant 36 19
Total 47 23

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