MP Urination Incident : ‘He realized his mistake; Release the accused’ – Demand of the victim in the Laghushanka case | leader

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Leaders Online Desk : MP Urination Incident : The person in the case of minor suspect victim in Madhya Pradesh has demanded the arrest of the accused. He said the accused has realized his mistake, so let him go now, the victim said.
The victim while talking to reporters on Friday said that I have a demand from the government that the accused made a mistake. However, what happened in the past has made him realize his mistake. So he should be released.

When asked why he made such a demand despite the accused acting very humiliatingly, the victim said, yes I agree…he is a Pandit of our village. We demand the government to release him, said the victim speaker. MP Urination Incident

The victim further said that the government has no other demand except to build a road in the village. This demand may gain importance as assembly elections will be held in Madhya Pradesh by the end of the year.

MP Urination Incident: What exactly is the matter?

A video of a man from Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh allegedly assaulting a tribal person went viral on Tuesday. After this video went viral, there was a wave of anger across the country. Meanwhile, the police searched for this person and arrested him. The name of the arrested accused is Pravesh Shukla. A bulldozer was also driven over his house on the pretext that the construction of his house was unauthorized.

Meanwhile Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan after the incident He called the victim and honored him by washing his feet. Inquired about his work and business and assured him of all possible help. Apologized for the incident. MP Urination Incident

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