Ajinkya Rahane: Mumbaikars’ chalky batting dimmed hope leader

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Rahane responded to yesterday’s headline ‘Rahane will be the savior again’. Indeed, at 151 for 5 it was optimistic to expect, but what was evident in Ajinkya Rahane’s 29 on day two was his determination to stay on the pitch for as long as possible. On the other hand, husband’s spouse was dying. In it, Boland was very accurate on his length. All hopes were dashed when Bharat was dismissed on the second ball of the third day, following in the footsteps of Gill and Pujara. Ajinkya Rahane was joined by another Mumbaikar, Shardul Thakur, and India’s downfall was curbed. The Mumbai cricketer is known as Khadoos for his attitude of not giving up easily. The duo kept the scoreboard moving and slowly pulled India out of the embarrassing situation. Nowadays no one falls into the trap of giving a follow, but they killed off the official possibility of a follow. In Test cricket these short matches are played between matches. The following match was played by both of them. (Ajinkya Rahane)

Ajikya Rahane is playing international cricket after 18 months. The one-time vice-captain of India, the captain who achieved success whenever he got the chance, the dominant batsman on foreign soil was struggling to regain his place in the Indian team in the form of Tests. Since Rahane is basically a team spirit player, he never showed the shock of the exclusion on his face or in his speech. He gave his hundred percent to the team he was in, whether it was Mumbai team or Chennai Super Kings. He also got this opportunity due to Shreyas Iyer’s injury. Rahane first erased the stamp of being a non-T20 player in the IPL by speaking with his bat, and in this comeback match he reasserted his stamp with the help of Shardul Thakur when the team was in a fragile state. (Ajinkya Rahane)

The glaring difference between the rest of the Indian batsmen and Rahane, as well as between Rahane of yesteryear and Rahane of this match, is that he did not go for the ball, but used his backfoot to make good use of his backfoot, waiting for the ball to hit the bat. Most of his runs were in his favored off-side belt, but earlier he would commit to a hit on the front foot and the length of the ball would cause his bat to fly into the catch slip to point belt. This innings saw a big change in him. Shardul Thakur has scored two fifties on this oval in 2021. The Australian batting is tougher now than the England batting then, but Shardul showed determination to stand on the pitch. Hitting the body at the right time, he scored a half-century and supported Rahane well.

Rahane and Thakur were given life, they were not out on the no ball, but it was important that they stood up. This is the expectation from the first four batsmen in India’s second innings. Was Rahane the saviour? Given Australia’s strong lead of 296 today and with 6 batsmen to go, they are certainly on course for victory, but Rahane, with the help of Shardul Thakur, has pushed the match to the fourth or perhaps fifth day. This reminded us of aggressive bowling and fielding in Australia’s second innings and did not allow Australia to bat freely. From the state of the pitch, Ashwin is missing again. India’s target of 350 will be difficult to achieve against this Australian attack, but the Rahane-Thakur pair today gave a faint hope of a joint winner by batting in the second innings to keep the match tied.

– Nimish Patgaonkar

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