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New Delhi; News Agency: The allegation that Brijbhushan misbehaved with a female athlete while clicking team photos at the end of the Asian Championship Trials in Lucknow in March 2022 has been confirmed by the then wrestling referee Jagbir Singh. The woman wrestler had accused All India Wrestling Federation president Brijbhushan Singh of inappropriate touching. (Brijbhushan Singh)

International wrestling referee since 2007, Jagbir Singh, who stood a few feet away from Brijbhushan and the complainant, has corroborated the wrestler’s allegations in his testimony before the Delhi Police. Talking to an English daily, Jagbir Singh referring to this photo said that he was asked about it by the Delhi Police. Jagbir Singh said, I saw him standing next to Brijbhushan. She freed herself, pushed, grumbled, and left. She was standing next to the president, but then came forward. I saw how this female wrestler was reacting and she was upset. I didn’t see him do anything but touch the wrestlers and say come here, stand here. It is clear from the complainant’s behavior that something went wrong during the photo session that day. (Brijbhushan Singh)

According to the FIR, the woman wrestler said in her complaint that when I was standing in the last row, Brijbhushan Singh came and stood near me. I suddenly felt a hand on my backside. I immediately turned back and saw that the hand belonged to Brijbhushan. I immediately tried to move away from that place to save myself from their inappropriate touch. But when I tried to leave, they forcibly held my shoulder. I somehow freed myself from his clutches.

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