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Leaders Online: Mark Zuckerberg, owner of social media firm Meta, launched new micro-blogging site ‘Threads’ on Wednesday night. It is considered as a competitor of Twitter. Some users are even calling it ‘Twitter Killer’. Twitter has more than 100 crore users worldwide. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that two million people joined the threads in just two hours. Four hours later, its number crossed 50 lakhs. It has recently been launched in 100 countries. It has not been launched in the European Union due to regulatory concerns. So, let us know about Threads in detail.

What does Threads offer?

Like Twitter, it is also a text-based platform. You can publish thread posts of up to 500 characters on this. Links, photos and videos can also be shared on it. Videos can be up to 5 minutes. That’s more than the 280 characters currently offered by Twitter

What does the thread offer

How do threads work?

Once you download this app, you can sign in with your existing Instagram account. Your username will be carried over to your Threads account. If you have it you will be verified. You can then choose to customize your profile for your new Threads account. You can then choose to automatically follow accounts you already follow on Instagram, finding and adding new accounts to follow from within the Threads app. Your feed is a mix of posts and recommended content from people you follow. You can reply to, repost or quote other people’s posts.

Instagram Threads: why Meta is competing with Twitter

What did someone say about threads?

Any new social networking app takes time to grow, but since you can access threads by signing in to your Instagram account, it shouldn’t take long to see significant user numbers. Early users of Threads include Shakira, F1 driver Lando Norris, NBA player Seth Curry, soccer star Kingsley Coman and everyone’s favorite chef Gordon Ramsay.

What is different about threads?

A major plan for Threads is in the pipeline. For now though, the intention is to make threads compatible with ActivityPub. It is a decentralized social networking protocol that allows social networking apps to interconnect with other apps that use the same protocol. The goal is to allow Thread users to interact with accounts on different social media platforms. For example someone on Mastodon may request to follow your Threads account and you can approve or deny that request directly from Threads. You can then follow their Mastodon posts in your Threads feed without creating a Mastodon account. While this feature isn’t available yet, it’s exciting to see how it develops.

Is Threads safe?

Threads offers a number of features built into Instagram that help you filter out content you don’t see. You can control who can reply to you or mention you in posts, and you can add word filters. So that any posts containing those words won’t appear in your feed or in your replies. Any accounts you block on Instagram are automatically blocked on Threads as well, and you can unfollow, ban or block accounts directly from Threads.

Threads will also apply Instagram’s Community Guidelines, which include only allowing posts that are appropriate for a diverse audience and not allowing posts that contain hate speech or are intended to humiliate or embarrass private individuals. This is another way Threads is aiming to differentiate itself from some of its competitors. Meta is keen to point out that more than $16 billion has been invested in the team and technology needed to implement the guidelines on Instagram, and those same resources will be used to keep threads a place for ‘positive and productive conversations’.

is thread safe

Do threads respect privacy?

Threads is an app owned by Meta. They seem to have focused on privacy from the start. Anyone under 18, or under 16 in some countries, is automatically set up with a private profile when they first sign in. They can then approve users on threads who want to follow them, just like you can on Instagram. Threads includes many of the same privacy features seen on Instagram, such as the ability to block or report other users.

To delete Threads account you need to delete Instagram account.

There is no website to use this new platform Threads of Meta. Currently it can only be accessed through the app. On the other hand after creating a threads profile if you want to stop using it, you have to deactivate it. Since it is associated with Instagram, it cannot be deleted alone. You also need to delete the Instagram account to delete it.

How do you download threads?

By July 6, 2023, THREAD is rolling out to more than 100 countries worldwide. It is currently available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also download using the scanner below.

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