Drought in Jat taluk! Demand from farmers for animal camp with 25 thousand acre leader

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win Leading News Service: Jat taluk has been hit by rains, the drought is getting darker in the taluk. Kharif sowing was wasted due to lack of rain today. The government should urgently arrange fodder for the Jat talukas. Also, District Bank Director Prakashrao Jamdade demanded that farmers should be given Rs 25,000 per acre.

Jamdade said, there has been no rain in the taluka this year. So Kharif has not been sown. Tankers are running in 3 villages for drinking water while 4 more villages have demanded. Even though it has been a month since the arrival of monsoon, the farmers are frustrated as there is still no rain in Jat taluka. At present, tankers are running in three villages in the taluka. This demand is going to increase now. Moreover, due to heavy rains, the farmers face the problem of double sowing, scarcity of animal fodder. Ten of the 24 storage tanks in the taluk have gone under the mortuary.

Meanwhile, some farmers in the Don area of ​​the taluka have done Kharif sowing on the basis of rain, and ten percent sowing has been done in the taluka. There is an area of ​​74 thousand hectares of kharif, if there is no rain till July 7, there is a possibility that this year’s kharif sowing will be wasted. Also, ten thousand hectares of sugarcane area is also seen burning due to lack of water. In that, the problem of animal fodder is faced on a large scale. Therefore, the atmosphere in the taluka is alarming.

Actually kharif crop is the most important crop in Jat taluk. But the entire Kharif season has been completely wasted due to lack of rain. Due to this, the farmer has become desperate. The little crops that were sown are drying up. However, the government should start fodder depots or fodder camps. Prakashrao Jamdade also said that it is seen everywhere that the sugarcane is drying up, for this the farmer needs to be compensated 25000 thousand per acre, the government should consider this demand immediately.

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