Akanksha Verma: Bridging Cultures Through Bridal Artistry

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Chandigarh, India – Akanksha Verma has become a leading name in bridal styling since her journey began in 2019. Hailing from the bustling city of Chandigarh, Akanksha Verma’s artistic vision transcends borders, redefining bridal beauty with a touch of cultural celebration.

Akanksha Verma’s dedication to her craft shines through in every creation. With nearly five years of experience, she believes “bridal styling is more than just appearance. It’s about celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions.”

Her influence extends beyond Chandigarh to Dubai. There, Akanksha unique approach has garnered acclaim. “Dubai’s multicultural landscape inspires me endlessly,” she shares. “It’s a melting pot of traditions, and I strive to honor that diversity in every bride I style.”

Beyond work, Akanksha finds balance through activities like gymming, meditation, and travel. “Especially in this demanding industry, balancing work and personal life is crucial. My hobbies rejuvenate me and bring fresh perspectives to my craft,” she explains.

Akanksha Verma’s portfolio boasts collaborations with over 500 prestigious brands, some of the most renowned brands she worked with are Rimple Harpreet, Sabyasachi, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and more. Showcasing her versatility and innovation with brands in her unique style is professional. From opulent traditional wear to minimalist contemporary designs, she translates each bride’s vision into reality.

Having styled over 5000 brides, Akanksha expertise goes beyond aesthetics. She fosters meaningful connections with her clients.

“I specialize in creating clean, minimal, and classy looks for brides. My focus is on enhancing their natural features rather than changing them. I believe makeup should look like a second skin, like a real-life filter.” She remarks in an interview.

Akanksha’s success don’t stop here she paves her way towards the Punjabi industry plus Bollywood working with big names and renowned celebrities such as Urvashi Rautela on their recent project she covers up.

With a dedicated following of 55,000 plus on Instagram, Akanksha inspires brides and industry professionals alike. “Social media opens doors,” she acknowledges. “It allows me to connect with brides from diverse backgrounds and share my passion for bridal styling.”

Akanksha Verma’s commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering beauty knows no bounds. In her hands, every bride becomes a testament to the enduring power of love, culture, and artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of bridal artistry.



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