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Nashik : Leader News Service

It was dark for about an hour on Saturday (20th) evening as the power supply was interrupted and the generator was also out of order in the district government hospital. Due to lack of power supply, the operations of intensive care department, emergency department, blood bank and other important departments were disrupted. There were also limitations on patient care. But after an hour, electricity supply came and everything went smoothly.

Nashik District Hospital
Nashik: Employees working in the light of mobile phones due to the failure of district hospital lights.

On Saturday evening around 4:30 to 5:30, the power supply in the hospital was interrupted. There was no power supply as the generator was also faulty. Due to this, there was darkness everywhere in the hospital. Treatment systems were also shut down or running pending backup. Due to lack of electricity supply, treatment of critical patients had to be done. But doctors, nurses and staff avoided this crisis. Meanwhile, the doctors said that there was no danger to the babies undergoing treatment as the incubator in the SNCU room had an hourly backup. However, due to lack of electricity, there was a risk of spoilage of the blood stock in the blood bank. The problem was said to have arisen as the problem was not resolved despite repeated follow-ups for generator repairs.

The power supply has been smooth and there is no interruption in the treatment. The problem occurred due to a fault in the generator. It will be resolved soon. – Dr. Arun Pawar, District Surgeon in Charge, District Hospital.

Nashik District Hospital
Nashik: Intensive care unit in the dark. (All photos: Hemant Ghorpade)

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