RBI on 2000 Rupee note | Withdrawal of Rs 2000 note from the market is not ‘demonetisation’; Role of RBI in Court | leader

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New Delhi; Leading News Service: Withdrawal of Rs 2000 note from the market is not ‘demonetisation’. So it is a legal step, argued the Reserve Bank on Tuesday (23rd) in the Delhi High Court. This argument was made by RBI (RBI Withdrawal Rs 2000 note) during the hearing of the petition filed by Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay.

RBI has directed the banks to exchange Rs 2000 notes to people without any identity card and details. Objecting to this, Upadhyay has filed a petition. It has been mentioned in the petition (RBI Withdrawal Rs 2000 note) that if the notes are exchanged without details and identity card, it will give scope for black money to become white. (RBI on 2000 Rupee note)

Upadhyay told a bench of Chief Justice Satishchandra Sharma and Justice Subramaniam Prasad that he has no objection to RBI Withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, but the manner in which these notes are being withdrawn. If the notes were exchanged without details and identity cards, Upadhyay expressed doubt that black money could be converted into white money by gang members of gangster Atiq Ahmed, Naxalites and other number two. The bench clarified that an appropriate order will be given in accordance with the said case. (RBI on 2000 Rupee note)

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