Kolhapur: Theft of vehicles supplying water to agriculture; Farmers are scared leader

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pale; Leading Services: Two electric motors installed on Vedganga River in Anur (Kagal) to supply water to agriculture were stolen. Unknown thieves stole the five HP motor installed near the Anur-Kaulge bridge to supply water to farmers Sadashiv Balu Gangadhare and Meena Mahadev Gangadhare, along with Subhash Chaugule’s two electric pump boxes and the wire from the electric pole to the motor and the wire connected to the motor of Srikant Koli. Therefore, farmers are raising suspicions that a gang of electric motor thieves is working.

Last week, nine motorcycles from Koulage area and one from Bastawade area on the same river were stolen by thieves. At this place Sharad Gangadhare’s motor has been stolen for the third time. The thief has cut the wires from the electric pole to the motor with a cutter. Farmers are scared due to frequent motor thefts and crops will be affected due to motor thefts in summer. Therefore, there is a demand from the farmers to curb the types of motor theft.

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