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Karachi; News Agency: Pakistan has changed its stance after the approval of the hybrid model for the Asia Cup, with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi casting doubt on his team’s participation in the ODI World Cup in India. In a press conference on Friday, he said that our going to India for the World Cup is subject to the approval of the PCB government. Only if the Pakistan government allows us to go to India, otherwise we will not participate in the World Cup. Now these conditions of Najam Sethi will make it difficult for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to fix the World Cup schedule. Earlier recently, Pakistan agreed to host the Asia Cup under a hybrid model. (ODI World Cup 2023)

India is hosting the ODI World Cup later this year. Now PCB has raised a new issue in this regard. It was hoped that some things would be clarified about the World Cup after the Asia Cup dispute was settled. However, in the meantime PCB Chairman Najam Sethi has tried to create a mischief in this by making a big statement. (ODI World Cup 2023)

Najam Sethi further told reporters that as far as India and Pakistan are concerned, neither BCCI nor Pakistan Cricket Board can take any decision. In this, the decision depends on the respective governments of both the countries. So we can decide to send our team to India only after approval from the government. Just as India decided whether to send their government to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, the same decision will be taken by the government of Pakistan whether to go to India to play the World Cup. (ODI World Cup 2023)

Big statement made on BCCI

Sethi’s comment on BCCI is also surprising. Because, all stakeholders including Asian Cricket Council chief Jai Shah have agreed to hold the Asia Cup on the ‘hybrid model’ proposed to the PCB chief. The PCB president said in a press conference that some terms and conditions have been placed before the ICC regarding India’s participation in the World Cup. If a satisfactory answer is received in this regard, the Government of Pakistan will take a suitable decision. The PCB chairman said, our government has to take a decision in this matter, when it comes to India, their government decides where they will play. There is no point in asking whether we will play in Ahmedabad or not. He further said, when the time comes, it will be decided whether we are going or not, then the government will decide where we will play. We will decide on these two important terms.

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